In modern football, it may seem obvious to some that developing both feet will make you an better player but we often get asked many questions around weak foot training such as:

  • “How much time should I spend training on my weak foot?”
  • “Is it important to develop my weaker foot?”
  • “What practices can you do to improve my weak foot?”

In the video below, director of coaching Saul Isaksson-Hurst answers the questions and gives some examples too.

We also put the question to our twitter following (@myfootballcoach) to see their thoughts especially for academy players and the results are plain to see. Two thirds of the vote say it is imperative to use your weaker foot and we 100% agree.
Weak Foot Training Twitter Poll

Why is it important to develop your weak foot?

To be a top player, it is imperative to work on your week foot and be able to use it effectively for the following reasons

  • Opens up the game and pitch for you
  • Improve your stability, balance and agility which will enhance your technique
  • Leave the opposition guessing to your next move. Become unpredicatble
  • Allow you to shield the ball on your weaker side and move the ball into different areas

What areas should weak foot training cover?

Ideally, you want to aspire to do everything you can do with your stronger foot with your weak foot. In practice that maybe difficult but that is the challenge for you. Take it small steps at a time and focus on trying to achieve the following.

  • Be able to strike & pass the ball with all surfaces.
  • Short and long distance passes working on strength and accuracy
  • Receive the ball along the ground and in the air.
  • First touch to control and manipulate the ball in different directions
  • Dribbling, turning and skills

How much time should i spend on my weak foot in training?

Every session you do should have an element of weak foot training. The bottom line is if you don’t use your weak foot then it will never improve! Do as much you can as you will see the improvement on the pitch as you open up more options with the football at your feet. Challenge your self in training and in games to try and use your weaker foot in certain scenarios. Don’t be afraid to fail or make a mistake!

You may still always favour your stronger foot whilst playing but you will be a far more effective player if you able to use both feet. All our training will have an element of weak foot training so take a look at our elite online training program.

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