The days are getting longer, your kids are getting louder and the temptation to let your kids sit on their screens all day is getting more and more tempting.

It’s important to ensure your kids have daily physical exercise, and this doesn’t mean they have to invade your ‘alone time’ on your run or walk. Read our hints and tips below to make sure your kids are getting the most out of their day while continuously developing their soccer skills.


1. Make it fun

Use the sports your kids love to your advantage. You don’t need to create a complex fitness camp, you can incorporate sports into fun ways to get your exercise in by including timed challenges (against themselves or others), 100-meter races around the house, creative tests or programmes.


2. You only need the basics  

As long as you have the basics you can create fun and effective physical exercise for your kids, all you need is a football and some markers (can even be some books), you don’t need nets and a full-sized football pitch. There are hundreds of skilled practices your kids can learn from your own home, that could be in the garden, garage or even in the front room! Including improving your speed in football and getting quick feet.


3. Create a routine

It only takes 20 minutes a day to improve your skills and physical endurance, so all you need to do is set aside 20 minutes every afternoon and after a couple of weeks your activity sessions will become a routine and you won’t be fighting them to get off the X-box. You can even make ‘sessions plans’ at the start of every week so they know what they will be doing during their time.

The Dynamic Ball Mastery Programme is the ultimate course to improve football skills and get your kids active in just 20 minutes a day, with 30 Training Programmes to improve first touch, passing, dribbling, ball striking and more!


4. Create a little bit of competition (including yourself)

Work for the chocolate bar you’ve been eying up all day, the last step to get your kids to draw their eyes off the screen: get involved and create some competition.

You can hold weekly competition to see who has mastered the Technical Challenge of the Week the best, track their time on the leaderboard to see if they can get onto the Top 10 or play 1v1 sessions. I guarantee your kids will work twice as hard if they think they are going to beat you, little do they know.


5. Use an App to get off the Apps

You can find content all over the internet to create an engaging and fun plan for your kids, including on Apps, YouTube, Facebook and more. Use these to your advantage and create a personalised session for your kids, and if you’re really clever, you can set that as homework and get your kids to find the content they want to learn and put it together, I’m sure that will teach organisation.

Get your kids started with their homework:

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