The Building Blocks
There is no magic formula to being a pro footballer but there are attributes that every great footballer displays. We have broken that down into 5 building blocks that every player will possess in varying degrees which will determine the level at which they play.

Whilst all the blocks are very important to being a footballer it is the “TECHNICAL” block that is the most vital. It is key to not just playing the game but impacting the game in a positive way. It forms the base of all football and is often regarded as the most difficult to learn without guidance and support.

The Building Blocks to be Footballer
ABC’s: Agility, Balance & Coordination
Technical Excellence Cycle
Elite Soccer Training Drills
Our soccer philosophy is centred around the “Technical Excellence Cycle” and is a unique and proven model developed by Saul Isaksson-Hurst to develop a players technical ability to the next level.

The model has been created from over 10 years of work teaching hundreds of players of varying standards in multiple geographic locations. It blends the core technical skills like touch and control and adds dynamic and explosive movements along with functional practices for decision making and awareness. These combinations when repeated in a cycle will improve a player significantly whilst also working on the other building blocks as a by product. This allows a player to spend more time achieving technical excellence and utilising their time and effort more efficiently


The “Dynamic Ball Mastery” is an individual technical programme that encompasses all the facets from the technical excellence cycle showing players how to develop their technical ability in a fun, dynamic and impactful way.


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Football Technical Excellence Cycle
Ball Mastery
Mastering the core technical skills required by every player
  • First touch & control
  • Dribbling
  • Ball striking
  • Skills
Movement Development
Mastering the technical body movements with and without the ball
  • Turning with the ball
  • Running with the ball
  • Body positioning
  • Dynamic & explosive movements
Functional Practices
Understanding game scenarios to make decisions and a positive impact
  • Multiple outcome practices
  • 1v1 Domination
  • Skill combinations
  • Decision Making
Technical Excellence For Everyone