“With the club membership, the whole football club can have a customised dashboard for their players & coaches with access to elite technical content, leaderboards, reports & club videos, all of this is available on our mobile app. Whether you are a grassroots, academy or pro club, set yourself apart & take your club to the next level!”
Saul Isaksson-Hurst
Head Coach at MyPersonalFootballCoach.com

Technical soccer excellence for the whole football club

Technical Excellence For Everyone

Most football clubs want to develop players and provide their coaches with the right tools to coach. There are usually only a few hours each week that coaches have with their players and often, technical training takes a back seat to team training. Players are sometimes set technical homework exercises to do individually but these are difficult to remember and track. Technical excellence for a soccer player is the foundation from which everything else is built.

The Club Membership & Dashboard from MyPersonalFootballCoach.com solves these problems and provides elite technical programs and coaching for players, parents & coaching that is all housed under their own customised club dashboard. Coaches can set players homework practices from the programs and have access to training videos, tips & advice from the best technical coaches in the world.

What is the Club Membership & Dashboard?

The Club Dashboard

  • Download the MyPersonalFootballCoach app from the iTunes store or Google Play.
  • Upon login to the app or website, the player, parent or coach is directed to their club dashboard.
  • Each dashboard has customised features with logo’s, slogans, colours & content specific to their club which are all maintained by MyPersonalFootballCoach.com so there is no overhead for the club.
  • All technical programs and coaching areas are accessed via the dashboard.
  • Players can add their own personal goals which they can track.
  • Detailed usage reports are sent monthly to the club showing individual player usage.
  • As part of the club membership, technical masterclasses from our coaches can be given to the club.

Enquire for a free demo and take your club to the next level!

Yes, all the features of the Club Membership & Dashboard are free but only for a limited period. We will set up a customised dashboard and update specific content such as the leaderboard as well as send monthly reports for no additional charge. The only cost is that of the technical program, “Dynamic Ball Mastery” – each player will be required to purchase a license. All “Coach Pass” licenses are free in a Club Partnership.

Whats' the catch?

  • There aren’t any but you need to be aware of a few things.
  • For the club membership to work effectively, there must be at least 100 players signed up ideally across multiple age groups.
  • Each player will have access to the Dynamic Ball Mastery technical program. This is the main tool that each player will use primarily as a homework plan but also as part of sessions. The player progress will form the leaderboard and reports for the club. The price of the program will be significantly discounted for each player dependent on the number of players signed up.
  • The “Coach’s Pass”, elite technical coaching resource will be provided for free to any coaches of the club.
  • The Club Membership agreement will be between the club and MyPersonalFootballCoach.com and not directly with any player, parent or coach.
  • MyPersonalFootballCoach.com will work directly with the club to onboard players with minimal impact to all parties.
  • Several payment options are available between MyPersonalFootballCoach.com and the club for the technical programs & coaching materials.

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