My Personal Football Coach gives all your players and coaches a consistent and reliable world-class remote learning technical training programme proven to take players to the next level.

Ball Mastery

Master core technical skills, develop technical body movements with and without the ball. Improve game understanding and decision making to have a more positive impact.


Founder and Head Coach, Saul is an individual skills consultant for Arsenal and has spent 10 Years at Premier League Academies with 4 years at Chelsea, 6 years Tottenham Hotspur and 20 years as a individual Coach. 

Video Uploads

Check out your player’s uploaded training videos in your exclusive club/team library available to your club/team only! Select and add players of the week directly to the app. 

Control The Data

Track your player’s usage of the app with detailed data. Set your players and teams challenges and training plans straight to their app. Players can compete on our leaderboards to increase engagement. 

Club/Team Dashboard

Your MyPersonalFootballCoach account will have a club dashboard branded with your club logo and club slogan.

Proven to bring technical excellence to the whole club. 

Club partnership app
Dashboard for soccer training app

Players Advantage

Players can track their training with a performance clock.

Players can compete with an app usage leader board.

Players can upload and share videos to a team/club specific library.

Coach Access

Coaches get access to the app for free.

All Coaches get access to the Coach’s Pass, the world’s leading online coach resource with 100s of videos of skills and drills

Coaches can get access to the MyPersonalFootballCoach Level 1 E Learning Course.

Coach's Pass for soccer coaches



John Hunter

Head of Coaching at Wolverhampton Wanderers Academy

“We have been utilising the MyPersonalFootballCoach App for several years now. My Personal Football Coach is a programme allowing players to train at home with guidance against a consistent and technical development programme.
It’s definitely an app we would recommend”.

Andy Clawson

Director of Coaching FC Bangkok

“Trying to get the players motived and continuing to work has been a challenge, but I have to say the MyPersonalFootballCoach App has been outstanding, not only for the players but also for the coaching staff, the ability to be able to share and send ideas has been really helpful. Absolutely get involved with Saul’s programme, you won’t regret it.”

Mike Cockroft

Executive Director of Chicago Rush

We have relied on the MyPersonalFootballCoach App to engage our players. It has great content with individual skills, technical compartments, as well as bonus features that players can use at home and the ability to upload video, making it competitive. At the same time, it gives our coaches a platform to see the levels of engagement.”

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