A great gift for Christmas
Many people have been asking us how they can give the Dynamic Ball Mastery programme to their friends or loved ones this Christmas with out them knowing. So we’ve come up with a great way to gift the programme with that added personal touch plus we have also given a big 30% discount too.

The Benefits

Technical Excellence

Learn all the technical soccer secrets with a proven soccer programme with elite soccer skills and drills to become the best footballer you can be.

Players of all abilities

Whether you are learning to play soccer or an elite player, the programme is suited for all abilities to make you a better technical football player.

Soccer for all ages

The soccer programmes are split into different age groups especially for younger soccer players where development stages are different.

Practice & Repeat

Repetition will condition your body and mind. Once you finish the online soccer course, just reset and start again but train harder and faster.

Soccer Mindset

As you master the soccer techniques, your confidence will grow developing a stronger mindset to take into football matches

Train Anywhere

Every soccer session is created so you can practice football in the garden, driveway or local park. Its your choice.

Detailed Session Plans

Each football session plan is carefully designed with tips & timings to achieve the best possible soccer outcome.

Football Fitness & Speed

The online football programme will improve your football fitness & stamina levels whilst increasing your running & foot speed.

Football ABC’s

Significantly improve your Agility, Balance & Coordination with every soccer session. These soccer attributes are vital for any football player.

Just 20 Minutes

Practice each soccer session and all the soccer drills purposefully for just 20 minutes daily to make yourself a better football player.

Accessible anywhere

All the online soccer sessions and football training videos can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Soccer HD Videos

All our soccer training videos are filmed in HD with instructions to achieve the best possible soccer outcomes.

Simple & Hassle Free
The process to order and give is simple and is as follows :

  1. Tell us your details and whom its for
  2. Select the programme, add a personalised message if you like.
  3. Provide payment details and send the order
  4. Upon successful payment you will receive a confirmation email of the order
  5. Within 24 hours, we will send you an email with a unique link to redeem the gift which can be passed to the recipient at a convenient time for you. We will also send a personalised gift e-card which you can print and give personally. See below for an example.

It is as easy as that!

Christmas Gift e-card Demo
See what others say and do

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Rates are indicative only
See the price in your currency but rates are indicative only and you will be charged according to your payment card.
Tell us whom its for
Tell us about you and who you are buying the programme for so we have all the details to send you the gift. Please note that the 7 day money back guarantee will apply but only from date of purchase and NOT when the gift is redeemed.