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My Personal Football Coach is an online football education platform that is being used in over 20 countries globally and is designed to help coaches & footballers of all ages and abilities improve and take their game to the next level.

Founded by Saul Isaksson-Hurst (professional technical coach at Chelsea FC), the platform is a central technical football resource that has elite training tools and coaching resources to assist footballers & coaches to be the best they can be.

Saul Isaksson-Hurst is an experienced premier league academy coach having spent 6 years at Tottenham Hotpsur FC and 4 years at Chelsea FC’s Academy as a Foundation Phase skills specialist. He has been a personal football coach for over 12 years and is a qualified primary school teacher.

Saul’s coaching philosophy is centered around Technical Excellence to develop technically proficient, explosive & dynamic players. The coaching methodology is focused on 3 core elements that has been proven through 100’s of players many of which have gone on to play at professional academies, signed professional contracts and played internationally for their countries.

Technical Excellence Cycle
For Coaches, Players & Parents

The platform is aimed at coaches & players of any ability and for parents also looking to support their child’s football development.

Coach's Pass - Elite Soccer Coaching Resources
The “Coach’s Pass” is an elite soccer training resource aimed at football coaches and teachers of the beautiful game.

Focusing on technical excellence the Coach’s Pass has over 120 high quality videos featuring elite soccer training drills that cover the technical football spectrum. With new content added monthly and tips and advice from world class coaches, this resource is a must have for soccer coaches.

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Online Soccer Training Program
“Dynamic Ball Mastery” is an online soccer training programme that has been proven through hundreds of football players who have raised their game to the next level.

The step by step training course has many soccer training drills and has been meticulously designed to supplement a players normal football training programme and implement Saul’s philosophy to significantly improve a players technical ability and make them a better soccer player.

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