Our head coach, Saul Isaksson-Hurst has travelled the world learning his trade and been luck to meet some of the best player development specialists in the world. This unique Soccer Player Development Podcast series will be interviewing these specialists and getting the key information for players, coaches and parents about what are the key factors in producing world class footballers.
Nick Grantham
MyPersonalFootballCoach is delighted to bring you Episode 4 of the Soccer Player Development Podcast with Nick Grantham, a leading strength and conditioning expert who has worked across many elite sports, including the British Olympic Team and also as a consultant to the English Football Association and Premier League Clubs.

Strength and conditioning in soccer is no longer an afterthought and is one of the key components in developing elite soccer players. within this eye opening podcast, Nick discusses the importance of strength and conditioning in soccer development and best practice in this area through the various ages groups from foundation phase to professionals. He talks about the types of excercises that should be done, how often and the outcomes. Nick also provides his thoughts on teh 10,000 hours rule which is well worth hearing.

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