Our head coach, Saul Isaksson-Hurst has travelled the world learning his trade and been luck to meet some of the best player development specialists in the world. This unique Soccer Player Development Podcast series will be interviewing these specialists and getting the key information for players, coaches and parents about what are the key factors in producing world class footballers.
MPFC Episode 11 - Tim Lees
MyPersonalFootballCoach is delighted to bring you Episode 11 of the Soccer Player Development Podcast with Tim Lees who has a wealth of Football experience in English Premier League Academies such as Watford, Wigan and Liverpool. Tim shares his knowledge about soccer player development not only in England but also in the USA with his current role as Academy Director of St Louis FC.

This podcast is NOT to be missed as there is so much great insight for players, parents and coaches! I urge you to listen today.

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