The Session
Hi Guys

As we approach April we are getting close to the end of the football season, that’s no excuse to take it easy though…its imperative that we finish on a high and keep on working hard. The best players in the world don’t take it easy and nor do all the ballers around the world aspiring to be a pro player. 

Remember its about consistency, even if you are just getting 5 or 10 minutes extra technical work a day…it will make so much difference…if we can get you up to the 20 minutes a day extra then we’ve really got a chance of helping you fulfil your soccer dreams…what ever they are…MyPersonalFootballCoach is here to help you fulfil your potential!

Here’s a great little exercise that will help you develop your 

💥 First Touch 



💥Explosive Movement

All you need is a wall and a ⚽️

1. Start with ⚽️ in your hands

2. Half Volley against wall (power)

3. Receive with big touch

4. Outside cut

5. Inside cut 

6. Cruyff

7. Reverse Cruyff

8. Driven Pass


First Touch
Ball Striking
Running with the ball
Quick Feet
Useful Equipment