What makes a great midfielder? Why do Thiago, Phil Foden and KDB stand out? There is no magic formula but there are attributes that every top midfielder must master.

Here are 5 key midfielder attributes that you would see in a top-class footballer:

1. Receiving under pressure – At the highest level of the game you have to be able to receive the ball under pressure.

2. Breaking lines -The best players can break lines with the ball at their feet… exploiting space and dominating 1v1 in central areas.

3. Body movement & shapes – How you move your body efficiently with and without the ball to maximise impact with balance and coordination.

4. Defending – Winning the ball back quickly has become a key part of midfielders games, knowing the triggers to defence are key.

5. Finishing – Bending it into the top corner or timing a run into the box for a tap in, goal-scoring midfielders are always at the top of their game.

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