The final practice in our aerial control trilogy which adds more movements but the key element here is the first touch control to move the ball into specific areas as it comes at you from the air. Really focus to take the ball on the half volley and touch it through the gate without the ball bouncing in the air.

Make sure you try on both feet varying the control using any of the following techniques

– Inside Cuts
– Outside Cuts
– Cruyff Turns

Once through the gates, really explode into the turns and finish into the corners. Make the practice intensive to simulate a real game situation. You can progress to receiving the ball in the air from a partner at various heights and speed but make sure you complete the other elements too. Research suggests its better to train more than one thing at a time, so combine your ball mastery as we have here with aerial control, dribbling, turning 1v1 and shooting. This is a great practice that works on so many key technical areas. As ever try on both feet. Good luck

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First Touch
Ball Striking
Running with the ball
Quick Feet
Useful Equipment
  • Cones
  • Goal
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