Ball Mastery 

Ball Mastery is an important part of technical development and should be a part of your daily training programme. I recommend doing 4/5 of the Ball Mastery exercises  as part of the warm up for your session. Ball Mastery is an effective training and development tool because it improves ball control, touch, and also functional movement development. by this I mean, good Ball Mastery will improve, Touch, Speed, Agility and Quickness with the ball, but also balance. Above is one of my favourite ball mastery exercises because it so functional!

The V Work Combination will increase quick feet, balance on both sides as you put your foot on the ball. The movement of the body/hips should be big, that rotation will support flexibility in that area, particularly good for developing 1v1 players. We need to encourage players to build a relationship with the ball, know it inside out, so they can manipulate it however they like!
This should and could be done when doing individual or team training, excellent as a warm up activity.

Remember, Ball Mastery is only a part of the Technical Development picture, make sure your training programme is balanced and works on all the Technical Areas a player needs to be successful in the modern game!


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