“I’m so excited to be supporting Arsenal’s Academy with the MyPersonalFootballCoach App. Arsenal has one of the best Academies in the world and it makes me so proud that they have chosen MyPersonalFootballCoach to support their players’ technical development.”
– Saul Isaksson-Hurst, MyPersonalFootballCoach Founder and Director Coach of Coaching
They’ve been receiving weekly challenges designed by MyPersonalFootballCoach’s Director of Coaching, Saul Isaksson-Hurst, to work on their dynamic ball mastery and 1v1 skills.
 “My Personal Football Coach has been integrated into our football programme to enhance the technical development of our young players. The app has enabled us to increase the time players spend on developing the technical execution side of their actions, aligning it with the abilities we believe players will require to build a solid foundation to progress in the game.
The app has enabled the players to buy into self-development and gives them the ownership of their development, with the choice of what skills they would like to practice and when they would like to practice.
The opportunity for peer to peer learning and competition is fantastic and a function that really drives and motivates players to master and love the ball.”  
– Kieron Lewis, Arsenal FC’s Academy
Join one of the best Academies in the world with MyPersonalFootballCoach.
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