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Coach's Pass for soccer coaches

The Coach’s Pass is an elite soccer training resource designed to improve your game with access to videos of ball mastery activities, 1v1 skills and soccer techniques used in the modern game. 

Designed and created by renowned skills coach, Saul Isaksson-Hurst, to help improve like minded coaches.

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  • Elite soccer coaching content for technical individual practice
  • Unlimited access to 100’s of videos
  • New content added every week
  • Build your own sessions & track
  • Monthly updates, advice & tips

The benefits

The training videos are for coaches teaching players of all ages & abilities, the videos can be adapted to suit players ages and capability. 

All the football training videos & material can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

New content from our world class coaches is added weekly providing you with additional football tips, advice & knowledge. 

Create & manage your own video collections and coaching sessions that you can view when you like.
New team sessions are uploaded every week.

An extensive library of videos, added weekly, broken down into multiple soccer categories which can be easily filtered to find the soccer practice you want.

Learn all the technical soccer secrets used in Premier League Academies from coaches across the world with proven soccer skills & drills.

What is the Coach's Pass?

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