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Virtual Academy

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World-Class Learning​

The only academy in the world with access to world-class coaches anywhere in the world.


The Virtual Academy is 100% digital with live classrooms to connect with coaches and likeminded players.

Master Your Game​

Cover your 4 corners, technical, tactical, physical and psychological and take your game and understanding to a new level. 

The Next Level​

The Virtual Academy is a 3-month course. With limited spots available, this is your chance to get a taste of what it's like to train at a Premier League Academy. 

Members Get access to


Receive monthly video calls with our Head of Player Development, Glen Hicks, every month to discuss how you can do the things that others aren’t doing to gain that edge.


Used with elite footballers at the top level, this program has been developed by Saul Isaksson-Hurst and a team of top-class youth development coaches to put player development first.

Technical, tactical physical training

Get quicker, sharper and more explosive with weekly exclusive full training tutorials focusing on your technical, tactical and physical elements from world class coaches. 

Mindset workshops

Get mentally prepared for football at the highest level and boost your confidence and resilience with mindset workshops with Steve Sallis.

What Virtual Academy players/Parents say

My son is really enjoying the virtual academy, the syllabus and the structure. He has especially enjoyed how each element is covered by a specialist coach... He is also very grateful for the feedback on the uploaded videos in the Q&A classrooms.

Sauls enthusiasm definitely shines through - Glen is excellent in communicating with the kids and has given them some food for thought.

Perfect package for those willing to learn and put in the work. Great delivery and expert knowledge, fantastic product.

Been a fantastic nice mix of skills and training. The online classes has been a really good addition.

What topics will you cover?

  • Exclusive technical Warm-Up’s, Skill Combo’s and Challenges. 
  • How to shoot with power and accuracy.
  • Fundamental movements for physical development.
  • Become a better defender.
  • Duel in a 1v1 space.
  • Self-awareness leads to success.
    Who are you as a player? Learn what it takes to become confident.

A typical week on the virtual academy:

Every Monday you will receive a full exclusive technical session from Saul including a warm up, skill combo and a technical challenge. These will be pre-recorded and uploaded to the app/website for you to watch and train to in your own time.

Every Wednesday you will receive a detailed Tactical, Physical or Technical tutorial from a coach/ specialists. This will be pre-recorded and uploaded to the app/website for you to watch and train to in your own time.

1on1 Video Call
Once a month players will be able to schedule a zoom call with our Head of Player Development.
After each call, players will receive player performance reviews used in top academy’s to help you work towards your goals. 

Meet the team

Learn from 6 of the best specialists from around the world. 

All our coaches have worked and developed players for the top divisions around the world.

Head Coach

Saul spent 10 years as a skills coach at Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur academies.

He now works one-to-one with some of the best young pros and well stocked up players from Barcelona, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and many many more!

“I have designed the Virtual Academy to give players a taste of what it’s like being in a Premier League Academy”

Glen Hicks

Head of Player Development

Glen worked at a Premier Club as an academy coach with over 20 years in the coaching game. Book in for a 1on1 video call with Glen to receive feedback and discuss how you can reach your full potential. 

Scott Chickelday


Ex-Lead Coach at Tottenham Hotspur and QPR with over 12 years in the academy system. Scott specialises on all areas of forward attacking play.

Steve Sallis

Mindset & Leadership Mentor

International mindset guru Steve Sallis is a consultant for the English and Scottish FA’s and supports several premier league and football league players with mental conditioning support.

Marc Campbell

Former-Assistant Academy Manager Wolverhampton Wanderers

Marc has experience developing youth players at Wolverhampton as well as an Academy Auditor for Premier League Academies. 

Charlie Quigley

S&C Specialist Middlesbrough FC

Charlie works on athletic development at Middlesbrough FC helping to develop youth players strength and conditioning. 

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Per month

Early bird sale this weekend

How to apply

We only have limited spots available for passionate players ready to up their game.

Join like-minded, ambitious players and learn what it takes to train at a Premier League Academy and how you can get there. 

The Virtual Academy will start on the 18th of October, you will be invited to book your 1-on-1 video call with Glen before then. 

Save your space today!!

Spaces go on sale on the 25th September.

If you have any questions about the course or application progress please email us on


Is the program still appropriate for players who have limited space?

The answer is yes!
All ball mastery exercises have been designed for small spaces. The classroom sessions and tutorials are all virtual. With the exception of the forward play tutorials which you are encouraged to use a goal, (even technical aspects can be practiced in small space) all are small space specific. 

Who is the Virtual Academy for?

The Virtual Academy has been specially created for youth football players.

If you want to push yourself, train harder, quicker, tighter and more dynamic. Or work through a session step by step at your own pace and then become quicker and smoother. 

I have a question for a coach, can i get in touch?

If you have any questions regarding the Virtual Academy or a specific question for a coach, you can email us on

Is any special equipment needed?

The only equipment you will need is: 
  • Ball
  • Cones or equivalent markers
  • Goal or somethings that represents a goal.

master the ball... master the game...

What topics will you cover?

  • Exclusive technical Warm-Up’s, Skill Combo’s and Challenges. 
  • How to shoot with power and accuracy.
  • Fundamental movements for physical development.
  • Become a better defender.
  • Duel in a 1v1 space.
  • Self-awareness leads to success.
    Who are you as a player? Learn what it takes to become confident.

Albert Capellas

Ex Head of Youth Barcelona

Albert is a highly experienced coach and spent a large part of his career at the world famous La Masia academy in Barcelona working in an elite environment producing world class players.

Lee Johnson

Ex Chelsea & India u21s

Lee spent 6 years coaching Chelsea’s youth players and coached India u21s National Team. 
Lee will be delivering training tutorials to advance your….

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