Reuell Walters – Tottenham Hotspur FC U10

My Personal Football Coach would like to congratulate Reuell and his family after securing a place at Tottenham Hotspur FC. See the message from his parents below on how our philosophy and Dynamic Ball Mastery programme have helped Reuell achieve his goals so far

We literally discovered Saul and just before our son went in on trial at Tottenham Hotspurs, and for us it couldn’t have come at a better time.  Why?  Because the two questions that often come to mind when preparing for an academy trial are:

  1. What standard of football will be expected of my child at the academy level.
  2. How close is my child to that standard?

The great news is that with MPFC all the guesswork is removed!  Not only do you have access to the kinds of technical skills and drills every academy player should be able to perform effortlessly, but with MPFC you are also benefitting from the experience of someone who continues to successfully prepare players to excel at the academy level.

In fact in many ways having access to MPFC is like being given the answers to a test before actually taking it!  It allows you to prepare and improve the specific set of skills that you are most likely to be evaluated on – the individual skills often associated with being a great player.

If your child has aspirations to become a better player, play at the academy level or is already an academy player looking to continue his/her development, MPFC is a fantastic resource to have at your disposal.

As for our son we are delighted to say that three weeks into a six week trial he signed to Tottenham Hotspurs and we look forward to continuing to use the website as a way to aid his ongoing development.

Raphael & Aisha Walters
(Parents of Reuell Walters)