Leonardo – Signs @ Southampton FC

We always love to see MyPersonalFootball Coach players putting in the extra work to take their game to the next level and Leonardo has done just that.

Leonardo has trained to the MyPersonalFootballCoach Dynamic Ball Mastery and Virtual Academy Programs daily since 2019 and worked 1on1 with Saul to improve his game even more. Not only is Leonardo a great technical player, but with the help of the Virtual Academy, he has now advanced mindset and resilience, ready to take on anything that comes his way.

We are extremely proud to announce that Leonardo’s hard work has paid off and he has signed with Southampton FC Academy.

Good luck Leonardo!

I first heard about Saul through another football dad who said. “He is expensive but he is the best at ball mastery”
As the father of a son who was showing promise I wanted the best.
Saul Isaksson-Hurst was more than I could have imagined. My Son came to him as a grassroots player and left as a successful trialist signing to Southampton FC as an academy player.
What Saul gave my son is intangible. Adaptability, resilience, leadership, decision-making, composure under pressure, motivation, creativity and teamwork.
But the secret sauce was skill. The cornerstone of his development was optimising my son’s fundamental means of learning. He optimised his performance and gave him the elements that give him the edge.
Marcos – Leonardo’s Dad