First Touch
Ball Striking
Running with the ball
Quick Feet
Useful Equipment
  • Cones or equivalent markers
  • Wall to bounce off
Dynamic Ball Mastery
The Challenge
The technical challenge is a soccer wing play circuit that will help you play like Ronaldo and Hazard. If you play in the no 7, 9, 11 position or any attacking play, then this individual soccer practice will provide the technical outcomes for you be successful in these areas on the pitch. As always this practice is for everyone and no matter what position you play, you can benefit for the dynamic and explosive elements of this training

The practice involves 3 stages

  1. Snake dribble
  2. Explosive turns
  3. Winger skill combo

Ensure you practice with intensity to make it game realistic and focus on your technique at all times. Work off both feet too.

Have you got it in your locker

Hard work pays off
Master the Ball…Master the Game