First Touch
Ball Striking
Running with the ball
Quick Feet
Useful Equipment
  • Cones or equivalent markers
  • Goal
Dynamic Ball Mastery
The Challenge
MyPersonalFootballCoach.com have teamed up with FourFourTwo Performance to bring you a series of soccer training drills to improve your football game.

Be a complete striker with a soccer drill that focuses on dribbling, turning and power shooting. This individual soccer practice has 3 parts with excellent functional soccer outcomes.

1. Dribble between a set of 7 cones in a zig zag formation performing a series of outside and inside cuts at each cone.

2. Explode and attack the final two cones turning sharply at one and performing a 1v1 soccer skill at the other touching out into space.

3. With the goal in sight, focus on the ball and target and power through the ball shooting with your laces into the back of the net.

Hard work pays off
Master the Ball…Master the Game