First Touch
Ball Striking
Running with the ball
Quick Feet
Useful Equipment
  • Cones or equivalent markers
  • Wall or buddy to pass with
  • Goal
Dynamic Ball Mastery
The Challenge
How sharp can you be with this buddy soccer training practice? This multiple outcome kids soccer dribbling drillĀ is aimed at U8-U12 but can be done by all players. It will work on many areas including your first touch, passing & receiving along with explosive movements, quick feet, 1v1 and shooting.

  1. Get on your toes, quick feet…Explode into the square and receive the ball on the move.Make sure your passer fires the ball into the square.
  2. After receiving turn explosively at each corner of the square!
  3. Drive out at speed and through the maze of cones with lots of little touches, keep the ball moving.
  4. At speed do a 1v1 skill at the next set of cones and finish!
  5. Repeat on your weak foot

Hard work pays off

Master the Ball…Master the Game

Kids Soccer Dribbling Drill - Technical Cone Maze